Logo Design – Sophomores

Aim #1: To design a creative logo for a business in InDesign.

Do Now:  Read Branding, Identity & Logo Design Explained . We will read the article on logos together. You will complete a vocabulary map for the word logo.

Questions to consider as you read the article on Logos and Branding:

1. What is a brand?

2. What does a logo identify?

3. Name four visual devices that make up the identity of an image.

Logos can evoke immediate associations with companies or specific products. Organizations and corporations use logos to identify themselves and set up brands. A logo should be unique, functional, and versatile. In this project, students view sample logos and discuss color theory and design principles used in the logos.


CMYK: cyan, magenta, yellow, and black (In the printing press days when plates were being used the black plate was typically call the “key” plate because it carried the important/key information relating to the artistic detail.)

RGB: red, green, blue color. A good rule of thumb is anything dealing with the web should always be in RGB and printed material should be in CMYK. But very few designers and clients know why this is the standard.

Immediate Application:

Logo Design – Using your shape tools (rectangle, elipse, polygon) you will create a logo for a business. Please be sure you are pleased with the logo as it will be used on several documents.  You must include at a minimum a graphic, text (the name of the company), and a shape. It should look professional and fun. Measurements are 2 by 2 inches. All margins=0 inches. Sample logos may be found here.

Exit Ticket Summary: What is an identity?

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